Environment, Health and Safety Policy

The economic development in the Kingdom is directly linked to the high standard of quality life. This standard requires the maintenance of resources and smart management of the water scarcity challenges. Al Sayegh’s services include water, wastewater and storm networks, transmission and treatment plants.

Abdullah Ibrahim Al Sayegh & Sons Co EHSS policy provides the foundation for our group overriding commitment to continuously improve our health, safety and environment (EHSS) performance and standards in infrastructure, utilities construction and other projects.

The company's ultimate objective is to have zero harm to people, workers and the environment - zero accident (zero harm, zero accident). We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our people and minimizing adverse environmental impacts at our Workplaces throughout our objective is to reach the highest levels of health, safety and environmental standards.

Al Sayegh’s main objectives are to conserve natural water resources, minimize waste, and progressively rehabilitate impacts.

We are certified by OHSAS 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 in all divisions and this is achieved by:

  • Provide a conduced working environment for health and safety.
  • Integrate HSE considerations into decision-making and business planning processes.
  • Identify, assess and manage risks to employees and contractors, and impacts on the environment to a level which is as low as reasonable & achievable, social and economic factors are taken into consideration.
  • Develop a "safe behavior” culture as a key component of our "duty-of-care".
  • Set, measure and review HSE performance targets and objectives, benchmarking against best international practice.
  • Provide resources to achieve our performance targets and empower people to comply with this policy.
  • Develop our employees and assess their HSE competency by induction, daily toolbox for HSE.
  • Ensure that all employees contribute and take responsibility for their own and others health and safety, by reporting at-risk behavior, hazardous conditions and environmental nonconformance's, and taking the necessary preventive and immediate action.
  • Meet the appropriate and exceed applicable HSE legal requirements, and national standards and international codes of practice for health, safety and environmental aspects and impacts to which we are vulnerable.
  • Maintain a HSE management system aligned with OHSAS , ISO 45001:2018 OSHA international recognized standards and leading construction and industry practice.
  • Prevent or minimize environmental pollution, conserve natural resources, minimize waste, progressively rehabilitate impacts, and value cultural heritage.
  • Communicate and engage with employees, contractor, suppliers, government agencies, visitors to share the responsibility for meeting this policy.